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Gary was born in London, the UK, in 1958 and immigrated to Australia in 1973. He started working at Courtland’s pottery in 1974 and began his learning’s from Barry and Grenville Courtland.

Courtland’s produced a large range of Terracotta Garden Pottery in its earlier years including salt glazed stoneware. Gary considers himself to be the lucky few to have successfully completed training at Courtland’s. The training helped him to learn the secrets of the family business which have been passed down over the last 160 years in Australia.

“Inspiration comes easily from a rich history of form, texture and color and from just about every culture on earth plus a love and passion for what I do. After all these years I am still like a little kid at Christmas waiting to see the results and surprised from the next kiln load.”

In 1979 Gary started work at Austware pottery and made stoneware until September 1985, when he was asked to be the resident potter at the Old Cheese Factory in Balingup.

The Magic Of "Reduction Firings"

There is something magical about the unpredictable surface effects that result from atmospheric firing techniques.
Gary Hambleton has been creating atmospheric glaze surfaces on pottery fired in gas reduction kiln for more than 30 years.

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" Glaze Palette For Reduction Firing "

For over 20 years Gary has been making pottery and using reduction firing techniques to achieve a range of vibrant colors. Each glaze infuses life in its own unique way.

Gary Hambleton & Japneet keith offer unique opportunities for potters, Designers and students wanting to learn more about glazes and firing techniques.

They provide workshops to develop your glaze palette along with teaching pottery skills.Choose from one of their workshops or they can design a programme to suit your specific requirements & needs.

Detail & Finishing

While the pot nestles in the studio to leather hard stage, Gary details his pots using his signature stamp. Each Spiral stamped represent ‘life’ with the four corners representing ‘Seasons’


Clay has an inherent character to flow. Each pottery piece hand thrown by Gary has a language. The flow with handles, the sharp lines to perfect spheres define “Pottery By GARY ‘

Glaze Finishes

The carbon atmosphere infuses its richness to Garys glaze pallet -The Reds, the Blues and the Chun Glazes.