splash glazeseries 4 (Medium)
splash glaze series 3 (Medium)
splash glaze series 1 (Medium)
splash glaze 2 (Medium)
product-jug copper red (Medium)
product-jug (Medium)
product-copper red urn (Medium)
product-amphora chun blue (Medium)
cover pic 4 (Medium)
cover pic 1 (Medium)
IMG 2889 (Medium)
IMG 2879 (Medium)
IMG 2616 (Medium)
detail (Medium)

Sui Generis

While Gary does a production of 100 pieces a day, he indulges with fine porcelain to create one off pieces.They take about 5 working days from throwing the base form to adding the details like handles and textures, it's his way of giving each piece its own character.In all about 35-40 days to get the exquisite pot. Let him know if you would like to own his signature style works

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